When you order flowers directly from the farm, the flowers may arrive looking different than what you are used to seeing in flower shop or supermarket. This is true whether you are ordering bulk flowers to arrange yourself or whether you are ordering a bouquet. The reason for this is that flowers sent from the farm are significantly fresher (and will last much longer) than flowers bought at retail (for a detailed description of why this is so, please visit our Farm Direct Difference page).

This page is here to let you know what to expect and how to care for your flowers so that they last as long as absolutely possible.

What to expect when your flowers arrive / before you put them in water:

Farm direct flowers generally fall into three categories:

Full Bloom

Flowers whose blooms arrive looking exactly like they will after being placed in water. Even with these flowers, it may be necessary to hydrate for several hours before the flowers “perk up.”

Flowers in this category include flowers such as Cymbidium Orchids, Gerber Daisies, Mini-Calla Lilies, Hydrangea, etc.

Recommended Delivery: 2 days before event

Open Quickly

Flowers which open quickly after being placed in water; these flowers will begin to open after being placed in water for 4 hours. It may take several days to get them to their fully open state.

Flowers in this category include flowers such as Roses, Spray Roses, Carnations, Tulips, etc.

Recommended Delivery: 3 days before event


Flowers which require several days to fully open; these flowers may show very little opening after 1-2 days, but rest assured, they will open for you.

Flowers in this category include flowers such as Premium Lilies, Amaryllis, Alstroemeria, etc.

Recommended Delivery: 4-5 days before event

A Note on Bouquets:

All bouquets are comprised of flowers which require approximately the same amount of time to open. Some online flower providers offer bouquets which are comprised of flowers which have markedly different opening speeds and vase life (e.g., Oriental Lilies and Iris in one bouquet). These flowers may never open at the same time and, as such, may never look like the picture of the bouquet that was ordered. All our bouquets are designed so that this does not happen


A Note on Color:

All photos that you see here are real representations of what the flowers actually look like.

One thing to keep in mind about color is that depending on your computer screen settings, some colors may look one way on one computer and slightly lighter or darker on another. If you have a very specific color need (e.g., you are deciding between two shades of very pure white roses), we are happy to help with the decision.

Caring for flowers sent directly from the farm is actually very easy!

Upon receiving your flowers:

  • Cut about 1 inch from the bottom of the stems and place the flowers in water
  • If possible, leave the plastic sleeve around the flowers for the first four hours while the flowers are drinking water to support the heads

Ongoing care:

To add extra days of vase life, change the water that the flowers are in every 3 days and recut the stems when you do this.

Care & Handling for Specific Flowers:

Hyacinths: Contrary to our advice for almost all other flowers, we advise that you DO NOT trim the stems of hyacinth flowers. Upon delivery, you should hydrate the flowers by placing them directly into cold tap water. Like other bulb flowers, the hyacinths will continue to grow and the stems will bend (towards sunlight and due to the weight of the blossoms). To keep them upright, be sure to put them in a vase or container where the bloom heads are fully supported. When cutting the stems to use in centerpieces or bouquets, we recommend wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin. The sap can be irritating for some people.

Here’s to long vase life and many days of enjoyment!

If you have any specific questions about caring for your particular flowers, just email us at info@roseflowerguy.com and we will be happy to help.