Rose FLower Guy’s Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is actually very simple: we will never disclose any information about you to any third party. Never – as in no chance of that happening. If you ask to be included in our email list, you will periodically receive emails from us and we will send you tracking information about your order when it ships, but other than that, we won’t bother you. We will use general and aggregated information about our users (e.g., which pages are most popular, which browsers are most popular, etc.) to help make our business more attractive to you but will never use or sell “personally identifiable information” about you.

Some companies post 20 page long privacy policies on their sites because they do intend to sell your information to other entities and they are trying to protect themselves in the event that this upsets you. Our business is in getting the best flowers in the world into your hands, not in getting you to sign up for magazine subscriptions, online clubs or anything else for that matter. We think that keeping things simple and honest is the best way to do business.

NY FLower Guy’s Security Policy

Security is a paramount concern here at NY Flower Guy. We have extensive technical and procedural safeguards to assist in preventing unauthorized access to your account or your information. In addition to working with an industry leading payment gateway (, we also do not store any credit card information in our servers, so even in the highly unlikely event of a security breach, no credit card information would be put at risk. Beyond the technical measures, our business does not print or store any hardcopies of personably identifiable information. We know that feeling safe and secure is important when choosing any online vendor.

Send a Page – We recognize that there are some people in this world who may abuse our “email this to a friend” system by sending email to a person who is NOT a friend and who doesn’t want to get email from us. Unfortunately this is a built-in danger when you offer people the convenience of sharing information with a friend. Should someone use our system to send you something you don’t want, we apologize.